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Combo Plants Jade & Money Plant

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  • 1: Plant Type: Good
  • 2-Luck/Succulent and Cactus
  • Plant Height: 5 Inches each, approx
  • 3-Plant Location: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Vase Name: Blossom Vases
  • 4-Vase Height: 3 inches, approx

It's time for you to send a lovely, energising gift that will do everything in its power to help your loved ones. These jade plants and white pothos not only enhance the interior design of the house, but they also clean the surrounding air. Thus, show your loved ones how considerate you are. Mo'orea, in French Polynesia, is home to the White Pothos Plant. The jade plant bears tight, rounded clusters of star-shaped, white or light pink flowers.

Caring Advice

These plants should be grown indoors, out of direct sunlight.

Make use of soil that can drain well.

 Don't water the plant too much.

In essence, the picture is indicative. Because they are natural products, plants can have a wide range of sizes and shapes.